Amazing Fragrances Right In Time For the Holidays! #HolidayGiftGuide


Disclosure: We received free samples for Holiday features. All opinions are my own.

This holiday season, I can’t wait to share gifts with two of my favorite people, my mom and sister. These two have helped to get me through a lot of tough times growning up as a young adult and any chance I get to show appreciation, I do. This year I was excited to add Jivago Brands to my gift guide with these two fragrances in their collection. The Gift & 24K will be the perfect gift for these special ladies who always love to smell good!

About Jivago Brands:

Jivago Brands is a premier luxury fragrance company that was founded by Ilana Jivago in 1994. They’re responsible for popular brands including the FiFi Awards Fragrance Hall of Fame winner ’24K’ and have a product design unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The company has corporate and product design offices located in Beverly Hills California. As well as distribution centers in Los Angeles & international distribution in California & France.


The first thing that caught my eye, even before I opened the fragrances, was their beautiful packaging. You already know you’re getting something luxurious by just looking at the box. I honestly didn’t even want to disturb the packaging because it looks so nice. Once I opened them, I immediately knew they were something my mom and sister are going to love. The bottle itself looks amazing and the stand is the perfect addition. I’m confident these fragrances are going to last and the bottles will be kept for years to come because they’ll add a beautiful touch to their dresser or vanity.


Both The Gift and 24k have their own distinctive aroma but are very pleasant to the nostrils. 24k contains¬†24 Karat gold leaves inside the bottle, which will be a gift I know mom will cherish the most. It also has a scent that I know mom will love. The Gift is right up my sister’s ally since it has been enhanced with a touch of peach, vanilla, and other scents that make it unique.

The Gift & 24K would be an amazing gift to give someone you love this holiday season. They both can be purchased online by visiting the Jivago website and get two thumbs up from me!



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