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Let me say first, that I have had many different kinds of coffee and I can honestly say that Dancing Moon coffee’s are the best I have ever had. Their flavors and taste are a one of a kind coffee. Now, Let me tell you about Dancing Moon Coffee,  In each of the world’s great coffee regions there are only a handful of coffees that are truly extraordinary. Delicious complex coffees that are treasured above all others. Coffees that have to be tasted to be believed. These are the remarkable coffees that Dancing Moon has sought out. These are The Legendary Coffees of Dancing Moon. They are truly  a one of a kind coffee that cannot be touched by any other coffee that I have tried.




Dancing Moon Mexican Chiapas Whole Bean Coffee is Shade-grown at altitudes of up to 4,500 feet in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Southern Mexico, the coffee from Chiapas is among the fullest-flavored, smoothest coffees in the world. This unique Mexican coffee has all the hallmarks of a darker, full bodied roast. It has smooth, rich flavor with hints of brown sugar and cashews adding a natural sweetness. Mexican Chiapas is just becoming world famous for its crisp acidity and nutty, syrupy body. Sustainably and fair trade grown in a little known region producing amazing coffees.




Once believed to be lost in the jungles of Sumatra, this legendary coffee was finally rediscovered after 100 years of searching. Rescued from its hiding place in the jungle undergrowth, these ancient Arabica coffee trees were replanted in the Mandheling Province of West Sumatra. Full-bodied, strikingly earthy, and delightfully complex, Sumatra Mandheling is extremely high in antioxidants. Each delicious cup of this very special Mandheling gives you almost three times the antioxidant power of green tea.


Dancing Moon Coffee

Dancing Moon Coffee



Dancing Moon Coffees also make Sumatra Mandheling, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Jamaica Blue Mountain and also Jamaica Blue Moon Single Serve. Coffee is very much like wine. Its flavor depends on much more than just the type of coffee plant from which the fruit is harvested. It depends on precisely where it’s grown. The balance of sun and shade. The amount of rain. The acidity of the soil and its mineral content. Even the air itself. Complex combinations of countless variables and whims of nature. But scattered around the world, there are a handful of places where this alchemy of nature produces pure gold and a legendary coffee is born.  These are the remarkable coffees that Dancing Moon seeks out and brings to you. You will enjoy all of these coffee’s so give them a try and enjoy the best coffee you will have drink.  You can only buy Dancing Moon on Amazon,  here is link to their Great Coffee, https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Dancing+Moon+Coffee

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