Best year for you to quit smoking

Although we have a lot of measures in place to limit and prevent smoking, it is still a vice that is widespread throughout the society. This is mostly due to the fact that smoking was always portrayed as something cool. If you combine this with the fact that kids can easily get cigarettes from their parents without them noticing, you get recipe for disaster.

In fact, cigarettes are usually the first vice children encounter in their young lives. A lot of them start smoking really early (elementary school) and this addiction becomes something that shapes their lives. They smoke when they’re stressed, when they drink coffee and when they go out.

Smoking becomes important part of daily life and this is precisely why it is hard to quit it.

Fortunately, I have a step-by-step process that will help you a lot on your journey to healthy life, a life without cigarettes and nicotine.


  1. Get a substitution

When I mention substitutions I mainly refer to e-cigarettes which use vape liquid. A lot of people relapse during the process and find it hard to avoid cigarettes in every situation. This is mostly due to the fact they’re used to having cigarettes in various daily situations. Now, if something like that happens and you accidentally relapse, you shouldn’t feed bad and stop trying. However, it is much better to smoke an electronic cigarette than the real one as you need to completely eliminate that familiar taste. Also, these substitutions are healthier.


  1. Mental strength

Mental strength is the most important factor that affect successfulness of the process. Person who is depressed of feeling down shouldn’t even start. Stress is another factor that can easily cause relapse. So, make sure everything is okay in your life when you finally decide to pull a switch. First few months will be hardest so during this period you need to be completely relaxed.


  1. Get everyone on the same page

Although we say that cigarettes are not a social vice (you don’t need a company to smoke) most people usually start smoking in a company, together with their childhood friends. This is something that persists over the years and it is normal for smokers to light together. If there is at least one person smoking in your family, there is likely to be more. Similarly, you have families where no one is smoking and members even detest it. If you wish to quit, try asking your family members to stop smoking with you. This will definitely help you out as you won’t have cigarettes nearby and chance of relapsing will be lower.


  1. Support group

In case of vices there are always some support system organized by the government or by groups of citizens. Smoking support groups are not as common (especially when compared to alcohol and drugs). However, if you find some system where you can talk about your issues with a group of people, you should definitely take it. Like with everything else, it is necessary to hear other people, to learn from their experience and to grow stronger. Same way family can help you stop smoking, the other people can also play their part.


  1. Hobbies

Although you may not realize this, cigarettes are an item we go for when we’re bored. Oftentimes there is no real need for them; we simply do not know what to do so we start smoking. As a way to prevent such kind of behavior, you need to find something to occupy your mind and hands. Hobby, even a temporary one, can mean a lot on your road to recovery.


  1. Healthy habits

Any way you look at it, smoking is really bad for you. It is an unhealthy habit and even though most people realize this, they still continue doing it. In fact, it is common for smokers to neglect their health based on their own perception of health: “I am already smoking so even if I start exercising, I will still be unhealthy”. Furthermore, cigarettes make training hard. By changing your overall mindset and doing healthy things you are more likely to eliminate cigarettes from your life.

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