The Perfect Style Conscious Cars To Suit Your Lifestyle


There are always going to be those areas in life that you’re more comfortable with. When you like nice things and want to surround yourself with them, it’s often important for you to be able to live in comfort and style above all else. But, that doesn’t mean that you can stay away from the practical stuff. From picking out appliances to choosing an insurance package, we all have to do it. However, there are some things that you can style out more than others, like picking the perfect car. If style matters to you more than anything else, here are five cars that should slip sweetly into your stylish lifestyle

Fiat 500

The first vehicle to consider has some real retro vibes but is so stylishly designed that it can suit your lifestyle whether you’re a fan of vintage or not. This small car is compact and perfect for city driving or nipping around the neighborhood. With a Fiat 500, you’ll feel completely put together at all times. But it’s not just the outside that signs, the interior is just as stunning with some stylishly retro vibes that follow suit.


Citroen DS3

From a retro favorite to a charming European treat, the Citroen DS3 should be another key contender for your stylish car choice. The DS3 is streamlined on the outside and is a beauty to drive if you care about that stuff. It’s very Parisian in style and like the 500, is great for nipping around in if you want to get from A to B in style. And the best part? It’s customizable. So you can choose the colors on the exterior and many of the design aspects of the interior too.


Mini Cooper

Up next, the British classic that always charms. Reborn with German manufacturing the Mini Cooper is a car that will always scream style. Whether you use someone such as Cars & Co mini cooper dealer or shop around for yourself, you know you’ll get a lot of characterful car for your money. The design is streamlined, sophisticated, and the car drives like a dream too – the perfect fit for your lifestyle.


Alfa Romeo MiTo

If you want a lot of style and class from your car, you go with Alfa Romeo. And for the small car category that can fit right into your lifestyle with ease, you’ve got to consider the Alfa Romeo MiTo. It’s small and sexy, but oozes sophistication and is fantastic to drive too. Designed for ease and comfort, this sassy little small car can offer a lot, especially when you buy from an approved used dealer.


Audi A1

Amping the idea of sophistication up a notch, we have a final small, stylish car that comes with a little more class than the rest. Buying with Audi is always special, and you know your luxury needs are taken care of. In terms of small style, the A1 is a perfect choice. It’s just as classy as some of the larger models, but is nippy enough to fit into your busy lifestyle and get you from A to B without the added space.

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