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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my review and honest opinion and a Giveaway


Let me say first, Old Time Candy is the coolest website where we can buy the old candies of our forgotten past, like Red Hots, Abba Zaba,  Boston Bake Beans, Bubble Gum Cigarettes and so much more. They have over 650 fresh candies from the 20′S, 30′S, 40′s,  50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s & 90′s after all these years. I received the 60′s Decade Box and it had so many of my favorite candies, some of them I had even forgotten about. I received the 4 pound Decade Box filled to the top with Wax  Lips,  Wax Bottles,  Candy Buttons and so much more. What a treat for me to have been able to receive this Decade Box.cyaaak-4lb-open-flowing_1wax_lips_1


They have all kinds of different candies from their Decade Boxes,  Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers ,  Lunch Boxes filled with candy, Glass Candy Jars and so  much more. Walk the aisles of the Old Time Candy and you will find over 300 different kinds of Candy you ate as a kid. When you add up all of the flavors and sizes, They have over 700 options to choose from. They even carry Greeting Cards . You can choose from the candies you ate as a kid assortments, Pack-a-Bags, bulk bags or entire boxes of your old time candy and they are filled to the top with all kinds of goodies, they even have some of the retro toys , like Slinky, Can of Mixed Nuts Joke, Domino Set in a Wooden Box and so many more toys.


Now, Let me tell you about Karen and Donny Ray, Their adventure began in July, 1999 when they walked into a large candy store in Cleveland, Ohio that specializes in old time candy. They had no idea that many of our old time favorites still existed. It was the candy we ate as kids. Necco Wafers, Candy Buttons on paper tape, Wax Lips, Candy Cigarettes. Amazing!  They went on-line in early 2000 with Their first candy assortment and began to grow. In 2003 they moved into a larger facility and expanded at the beginning of 2004. They  moved into a much larger facility in August of 2006 where they are located today. 2015 began Old Time Candy’s 15th year in the candy business. The mission of the Old Time Candy Company is to provide childhood candy memories such as a way that it glorifies God and His plan for our lives. Our goal for every candy order is that it results in a “delighted customer” who will tell their friends.  Karen and Donny have tracked down over 80 manufacturers of Candy you ate as a kid. Save time by ordering your old time candy from one source.  They also sell candy by the piece or in a bulk package, it depends on how much you want to order.  No-haggle, 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason they will refund your purchase price including the shipping charges. You can follow Old Time Candy on Facebook,  https://www.facebook.com/oldtimecandy ,  Twitter,  https://twitter.com/oldtimecandy and on Pinterest and Google. Please go to their website and start enjoying some of our forgotten candy from the past, they are fresh and very good, It will bring back many memories like it has for me.



Visit their website and start enjoying all those candies from you past that you thought were gone forever. Follow Old Time Candy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google.







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  1. Ann Fantom says

    I would like to get Old Time Candy’s 70′s decade box with the Hershey Special Dark Bar which is my favorite

  2. Dave L says

    Wow, so many great memories. If I have to pick one favorite it would have to be the Chocolate Kits Taffy squares. I used to buy those at the convenience store near my grandparents’ house every Sunday on the way home from church. Thank you for the fun giveaway.

  3. barbg says

    That would be tough I saw a lot of my favorites. I will say skybar and cattails the long crunchy peanut butter logs.

  4. Brandy Jones says

    Red hots have always been my favorite. Cinnamon burns the heck out of my tongue but I love the flavor.

  5. Julie Terry says

    I love all candy and miss a lot of my favorites from the past, like sugar babies, pop-rocks, bit-o-honey and many more. What a great giveaway to have, I would love to win and share these candies with my family especially my daughters so they can get a taste of the past.

  6. Kathy B. says

    So many memories with these candies! One of my favorites was Fruit Stripe gum. I remember the tv commercials too, with the zebra.

  7. coriander warren says

    pop rocks….for the “danger” of swallowing them with soda chaser….live on the edge!!!!!

  8. Amy Smeltzer says

    When I was a kid, I loved AstroPops, whistle pops, the giant blue Charms (or the swirly sour ones) pops, Nickel nips and the little candy bones that came in a little plastic coffin.

  9. Anita Jude says

    I love the bottle caps that sure do bring back memory of when i was going to school and the candy cart would come around

  10. Emily Conway says

    I really liked the candy cigarettes. People aren’t allowed to have them anymore it seems like!

  11. eva andrew says

    my all time favorite growing up were “Boston Fruit Slices”…I loved them then…I love them now.

  12. Lynne T says

    One of my favorites is Mary Janes. I had found some in a store near me a few years back, but now haven’t seen them for awhile.

  13. Meme says

    I really liked the neck wafers and sky bars. I haven’t seen the sky bar in a while found the necco wafers not to long ago.

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