Keep your House Free of Particles

Air filters have been on the market for ages.  We have them in our Air conditioning units, in our vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, etc.  Most people who suffer from allergies have them free standing in their home.  Everything to help bring a little bit of relief from a whole mess of allergens.  I have tried a few in the past, and most were cumbersome, loud, and difficult to clean.  Not to mention you were never sure if they were doing their job or not.

Enter the Oreck Air Sense Purifier.  Oreck is a name that has been around since 1963, mostly for vacuum cleaners for hotels.  Now their products are all about keeping homes and businesses as clean as possible, and that includes filtering the air we breathe.  Pollen, Dust, Pet Dander, Smoke, and many other things can affect our lives and they can’t even be seen.  Luckily the Oreck air purifiers will do the work for you.


This lovely little inconspicuous model is one of the newest of Oreck’s air purifiers.  Not only does is look attractive, but it comes with something Oreck has termed ‘Dust Sense.’   Meaning it automatically will adjust it’s workload based on the amount of particles in the air.  Remember, these are particles we generally cannot see.  As an asthmatic, with an asthmatic child, it is very important for me to keep my home as clean as I can.  And the Oreck Air Response has a powerful 2-stage filtration, both HEPA Media and Odor filters, which will capture 99% of the particles in your home’s air.

Now how can you tell it is working?  Well if you set this little number on ‘Auto’ and let it run, the colored strip on the top of the unit will clue you in.  When I first plugged it in, the strip lit up purple, which meant there was a moderate amount of particles.  After a day or two it ended up turning to a bright blue.  Oh and did I mention this this is quiet?  Unless there is a high load of particles, you won’t even know this baby is even running!   And since it sits next to a litter box, it helps keep odors down as well, especially in the humid months where smells can intensify.  Oh, and even though this is a small room model, I burnt bacon the other day making breakfast.  So the house was a little smokey, but this little machine quickly switched to heavy duty mode, the light strip turned red and you could hear it chugging away.  I didn’t have to do anything, it just sensed the smoke in the air (which at this point was heavy enough that you could see it) and cleared the air much faster than opening windows and running fans.

When you buy an Oreck Air Purifier, not only do you get the two filters, but you also have indicators that tell you when to replace the filters, which you can buy right on the Oreck website, as well as the outstanding customer service that Oreck is known for.  They are Energy Star Certified, so you can be sure they won’t be using up too many resources.    In the two weeks we have been using this air purifier, I have noticed all of us having less allergy symptoms. Enough of a difference I may be investing in a couple of these for bedrooms.  And with three sizes to choose from, you are sure to have the best unit for your situation.


Disclaimer: I received the product to try in my home in exchange for my honest review.  The words stated here are my own.

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