Beat The Heat: Keeping Your And Your Family Safe In Hot Weather!

Who doesn’t love the summertime? Finally, the months of cold, wet, and dreary weather are over, and we can finally start getting out and have some fun in the sun! Of course, as wonderful as the sunshine can be, it can be a pretty dangerous force as well, especially for those with small children. We all know about the dangers of spending time in the direct sunlight, especially without protection, but the heat can be just as dangerous as the sun. With the days getting hotter and hotter, the risk of things like heat stroke is more and more of a reality. Luckily there are ways to avoid it. Here are some things that you and your family can do to beat the heat this summer.

Watch the time

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Keep an eye on the clock and plan how you’re going to spend your day. The last thing you want is to find yourself out of the house and caught in the sun at the hottest point in the day. There’s a reason why so many of the hottest countries have siestas in during the middle of the day. Schedule anything that you’re going to do for the morning or later in the afternoon. That way you still get to enjoy the warmth and the sunshine without things getting too extreme. Plus, you get to take the middle of the day as an excuse for a nap on the couch! It’s a win-win!

Pick the right clothes

Look, we all have clothes that we live in constantly during the autumn and winter, and for the most part, you can get away with wearing them in the spring as well. But once you get to the summer it’s time to put the chunky sweaters and jeans away. You might love the way they look, but it’s not worth completely overheating. You and your family need to start wearing some loose, light clothes that give your body the chance to breathe. Besides, it gives you the chance to adopt some new styles. From pretty sun dresses that work for just about any occasion to cute shorts for a day at the beach. Finding the right outfits to stay cool and look good isn’t as hard as you might think.

Get the air flowing

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There’s nothing worse than being indoors and feeling like there’s no escape from the heat, even when you’re out of the sunshine. When that’s the case, it’s time to get as much air flowing through the house as possible. Open as many doors and windows as you can and try to create a constant flow of air from one end of the house to the other. If you really need to, get the air con going to bring some cooler air into some of the rooms as well. This might sound a little counter intuitive but, if you have thin, sheer curtains, draw them when the sun is out. That way you’re keeping the heat of the sun away without blocking the air from getting around the room.

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