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With the digital age, everyone has a cell phone in their pocket, or at least that is what it seems like.  Most people just use their cell phones as their cameras when out and about with the family.  Of course the cameras in cell phones are getting more and more advanced so we are relying on them more and more to store our memories.  However, phones are easily lost and stolen.  And if that happens, all those photographic memories are lost.  For some people that can be absolutely devastating.  We don’t backup our data as well as we should, and for photographs and videos, we really should.

We used to send rolls off film off to be developed, and then place the pictures into books to look at whenever the mood struck us.  Now we just flip and flick our way through virtual albums, picking out our favorites for transfer or print.  But what if you were looking for a picture and had to scroll through hundreds of images?  And if that photograph was missing?  Well PictureKeeper wants to help keep everything safe and backed up.  it keeps your phone’s data and storage compatibility to manageable levels and it isn’t even difficult.   You can back up your photos, videos and contacts to protect your memories and maximize storage space.  You can share endless photos without using your data plan, and you can use it anywhere without an internet connection.  Your files aren’t on the cloud, they are on the PictureKeeper!

PhoneWithConnect_v2There is even a part of the service that turns PictureKeeper into a custom print and gift option, delivered right to your door.  And they have products for every type of phone and tablet out there.  Reminders can be set up as well so you backup your pictures from your device.  It keeps all your photographic memories safely tucked into the palm of your hand.

It is a must have for vacation, because who wants to be lining up the perfect picture only to have ‘Storage Full’ flash across your screen.  If you consistently transfer your files to the PictureKeeper, you will not have to worry about that again.  I was lucky enough to have this for my daughter’s First Communion.  It was wonderful to know that thanks to PictureKeeper I have those memories backed up, well and keeping them easily sharable to the rest of the family.   You can get the PictureKeeper in a variety of sizes depending on your usage.  4gb, 8gb, and 16gb.  And of course the amount of pictures you can store really depends on what size the phone or camera saves its pictures as.    And of course you need to keep in mind that the first time you backup your pictures it will take a good chunk of time.  If you back them up regularly, than it won’t take as long to transfer them to the drive as the first time.

I plan on getting one of these for my friend who takes hundreds of pictures on her vacation.  She used to have to bring her laptop to transfer the pictures to make room, but with this little device she will be able to forgo the heavy and expensive equipment and spend more time enjoying her free time!


Disclaimer:  I received product in return for my honest review.  The words stated above are my own.

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