Everyday Bourbon

Bourbon is one of those American classics.  Seems like everyone has a bottle of it in their liquor cabinets, usually for mixing when folks come over.  Not everyone is a fan however, but for bourbon lovers, Jim Beam  is just one of those drinks that is for everyday.  You don’t have to drop an entire paycheck for a good tasting glass of bourbon with Jim Beam, and you can be assured that it is American made.

Jim Beam Black is a premium 86 proof bourbon that is aged in charred white oak barrels.  It is definitely a stronger drink than some people would be used to.  For mixing in cola or a shot it has a pleasant burn and very smooth taste.   When you open the bottle you can smell the sweetness, but it does pack a punch.  It is also very affordable, at around $20 a bottle.  Perfect to keep around to add a little extra something to your standard drinks.

JB_Black_Std_750ml_0Did you know that all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. A strict set of standards from the government regulates what’s what.   In 1964, under President Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration, Congress declared bourbon “America’s native spirit”.   So while whiskey is made all around the world, Bourbon is an American tradition.   And something I didn’t know, if anything is added to the bourbon besides water, it cannot be called bourbon.  So the colors you see in the bottle are all natural with no adding of colorants like caramel.

Now, for many palates, Bourbon is much too potent for regular consumption.  It can leave people spluttering and coughing if they are not accustomed to it, but I have the perfect summer drink for all consenting adults.  It is a drink that my family has been enjoying for many generations, and just might become a summer time staple for your BBQs.




The Bourbon (or Whiskey) Slush.

12 oz can frozen lemonade
6 oz. can frozen orange juice
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup strong tea
6 1/2 cup water
1 1/2 cup bourbon or whiskey
Stir & freeze
Now I usually make a double batch because 6oz cans of frozen orange juice concentrate are difficult to find… but it never last long!  In fact since I introduced this drink to my friends, I am always bringing it to their house in lieu of a salad or other food to share with the group.  Even my husband who dislikes strong spirits loves this drink.  Just remember it is for adults only!  Don’t let the kids think it is a treat for them!
Disclaimer: I recieved product in exchange for my honest review.  Words stated here are my own honest opinions.

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