Don’t Forget To Pack These Summer Essentials!


Disclosure: We received free samples for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Summer is almost here and so are the adventures that wait during the upcoming travel season. That’s why you should be prepared in every way possible with items that won’t leave you hanging. Below are a few items we received that are perfect for traveling this summer. Whether you’re taking an overnight trip, or driving down the shore, don’t forget to pack these summer essentials because they just might come in handy!


BIC Flex 5 Hybrid & Soleil Shine razors are just what you need to pack for overnight trips and beyond. The Soleil Shine razors are made just for women and come with (2) disposable razors and five flexible blades for a smooth shave. The heads come complete with a soothing moisture strip enriched with aloe & cocoa butter so you can skip the irritation. Fella’s you’ll have your own amazing shave with the BIC Flex 5 Hybrid which comes with 4 refillable cartridges. The 5 flexible blades allow you to get the close shave that you want and the pivoting head helps you better maneuver even when you’re not home.


Keep your breath fresh and teeth sparkling clean when you have the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Sonic Pulse & Truly Radiant toothpaste duo. Pack this pair in your handbag or suitcase and stay prepared on short or longer trips. The Spinbrush Sonic Pulse is battery operated so there’s no need to worry about recharging and it’s slim enough to fit anywhere. It even comes with a replacement head that you can change when the original gets old.


Packing a box or two of BAND-AID Brand SKIN-FLEX Bandages is a must especially if you have kids. My girls seem to be accident prone no matter where we land so having these on hand is always a no brainer. These band-aids are unique because they stretch, making it easy to move. They also have a 24 hour hold and offer superb wound protection. They’re perfect to have handy for beach trips and pool parties since they hold even when submerged in water. Sweet!


One more essential you may not want to forget to pack this summer is some Batiste Dry Shampoo. You may not always have time for a thorough wash, but this helps you freshen up your hair and stay on the move. Batiste Dry Shampoo helps removes excess grease, adds volume, and comes in some amazing scents. Leaving your hair looking it’s best and you not skipping a beat.

No matter where you’re headed this summer, make sure to stay prepared, equipping yourself with these great products!!

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