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Disclaimer: I Received this product for free in exchange for my review and honest opinion


What a thrill to have been able to get these sunglasses from Sunglass Warehouse, They are heavy duty, plastic and metal combo, modified aviator.  I now have a nice pair of sunglasses to wear when I go out somewhere that will protect my eyes from the sun and we all know what too much sun can do to your eyes. Sunglass Warehouse has hundreds of different frames, shapes to choose from and they are all under $20.00, you can’t beat that price anywhere.


The Sunglasses I chose were the Camber Sunglasses and they are very comfortable and are made of Metal & Plastic Frame, Non-Mirrored Lens, 99% UVA/UVB Sun Protection, these come in Glossy Black/Silver Frame with Grey Lenses , White /Gold Frame with Grey Lenses ,  Matte Black/Grey Frame with grey lenses, Tortoise/Gold Frames with Amber Lenses or Black/Gold Frame with Grey Lenses .


Go to Sunglass Warehouse and buy a pair for yourself and I promise you will not be disappointed. They have Men’s, Women’s  Frames to choose from and at their price buy yourself several pair of sunglasses. The have the Best Selling sunglasses online , their prices cannot be beat.

Sunglass Warehouse started in 2002, when Randy and Angie Stocklin began selling sunglasses out of their Indiana home. Before long, their two-man operation outgrew the walls of their living room, and quickly turned into the global ecommerce store it is today.

The entire Sunglass Warehouse team operates under the same roof. From their helpful customer happiness team, to our hardworking fulfillment team, they all work together to make sure your shopping experience is quick and painless. Try their Sunglasses and you will be very happy.

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Sunglass Warehouse  doesn’t think you should have to pay a lot for the sunglasses that fit your lifestyle. Maybe you’re looking for a pair of cool mirrored lenses for the weekend at the beach, or maybe you want a fleet of matching aviators to deck out your wedding party — at Sunglass Warehouse, they’ve got all of that (and more) at prices that won’t break the bank. Our free shipping on orders $25 and over and easy returns help make the final commitment that much easier as well.

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