Reverse The Car Constraints On Your Family

Parking restrictions and high running costs mean the majority of families operate with one car. It’s an idea that works in theory. But, the reality isn’t always good. If one of you works, they’ll take the car in the morning and leave the family stranded. The parent left behind will go stir crazy and, the kids will miss out. It’s far from ideal! But, what are the alternatives? Getting another vehicle would mean double the costs. It would also involve finding more parking space, which is never easy. But, if you’ve reached the point where you can’t stand another day at home, it’s time to consider the alternatives.


Smart cars are a fantastic option. There’s no denying that they’re going to cost, but they do have the bonus of taking up less room. They’re smart for a reason. A Smart ForTwo will take up no space at all. You’ll be able to squeeze it onto your driveway with no trouble. These compact cars also work well for street parking. You’ll be able to maneuver them with more ease than you would a full-size vehicle. Of course, depending on the size of your family, they may not work as the family car. If that’s the case, you could designate this as the ‘career car,’ and use your other vehicle to transport the kids.


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A scooter is another fantastic choice worth considering. These are smaller than smart cars, and have the bonus of being cheaper, too! Bear in mind that whoever uses the scooter may need to get a motorcycle licence before they can hit the road. Again, this won’t be a practical option for ferrying the kids around. Keep the family car for that job, same as you would if you invested in a Smart car. The scooter is the perfect career vehicle, though. It’ll even be easier to find a parking space at the office! Bear in mind that you will get wet if it’s raining. It might be worth investing in a raincoat at the same time!


This may not be an option you want to consider, but it could be your only choice. Depending on how far the commute to work is, the person heading off for the day could walk instead of driving. That way, whoever stays at home can head off wherever they want to. If the commute is a long one, it’s time to get the children into the habit of walking. It’s true that you won’t be able to head far afield this way. But, walking with kids is good for their health. And, you’ll still be able to visit a variety of places.


If you are going to continue sharing a car between you, it may be worth considering some sort of car use rota. That way, you’ll be able to plan day trips for the children when you know the car will be available. It’s the best way to avoid those impromptu arguments!

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