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Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for my review and honest opinion


I was so happy when I received my box of food from Home Chef, they were packed very well and the meats were very fresh and packaged in a seal tight bag. I first tried the Chicken and it was so good and very easy to make. These meals come with everything you need to cook your meal except salt, pepper, oil, other than those items , it is all in one package ready for you to cook. The recipe was  Pan- Seared Chicken Scaloppine with capellini and shallot-mushroom cream , the recipe comes with step by step Menu and very easy instructions on how to cook your meal. The second meal I cooked was the Sirlon Steak with White Wine Demi-Glace and butter roasted garlic herb potatoes and it was my favorite, once again it was so easy to follow the Menu instructions when making this recipe and they both tasted very fresh and was like it came from top chef but I made them and the were super delicious.


Sirlon Steak with White Wine Demi-Glace and butter roasted garlic herb potatoes


Pan- Seared Chicken Scaloppine with capellini and shallot-mushroom cream


Home Chef,   From Doorstep to Dinner in about 30 minutes, their weekly meal delivery service provides easy recipes and fresh ingredients. You Choose between 13 easy-to-follow recipes, including carb- and calorie-conscious recipes, and recipes without gluten ingredients. Your Schedule , Change your delivery day, adjust your meals, skip a week or pause your account whenever you need to. Your Way, Your food made just the way you like it. And it doesn’t have to be difficult to be delicious.

Make Dinner Happen

How it works:

Home Chef creates delicious recipes Designed by their chefs, using fresh, thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

You Pick Your Meals, They recommend new meals each week based on your preferences… or choose your own!

They deliver Right to your door,  Your ingredients stay fresh in an insulated, recyclable box until you get home.

You create amazing dinners right in your home, Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you can prepare home-cooked meals in about 30 minutes.

Here Are some of Home Chefs Menu’s : Steak Moutarde  with roasted sweet potato wedges and mustard cream,  Pork Shumai Meatballs with ponzu dipping sauce, snap peas and rice, Pork Chop with Pine Nut & Parmesan Butter with garlic Swiss chard , these are jus a few of their Recipes , they have many more to choose from and it is all fresh and ready to cook. They have Add Ons such as Smoothies , Seasonal Fruit Basket.

You can plan your Menu up to 5 weeks in advance so you can schedule your weekly meals with ease.  Meals are $9.95 per serving unless otherwise noted.

Try Home Chef with no commitment.

Skip or cancel anytime.

Home Chef does all the shopping for you,  They are here to help busy people like you to skip the grocery store and whip up delicious meals in 30 minutes. Every week you get knockout new recipes and all the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door. Say goodbye to long grocery lines, parking lot power-struggles, and Pinterest-induced food fails that leave you ordering takeout at 11 PM.  Go to Home Chefs website and check out everything they have to offer, you will not be disappointed, I am very happy with the meals I received and you will be too.

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