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Whether you have a long-distance lover, a faraway college friend or family members who are living overseas, there is no reason why you can’t show them you care whenever a special occasion comes around.

Today, it is easy to deliver gifts worldwide, thanks to the internet, which means that we can show our loved ones just how much we care no matter the distance between us, but what are the best gifts to send internationally?



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Flowers tend to be the go-to gift for mom’s, aunts and older female acquaintances. Whether for their birthday, Mother’s Day, or the holidays, but what do you do when they live long distance, and you don’t have the option of popping into your local florist to pick out a bouquet of their favorite blooms? You head online, where you can pick out the perfect bouquet, even if you want a custom order, and have it sent anywhere in the world, paying in your own currency.

Subscription Boxes


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There are now hundreds, if not thousands of subscription boxes available worldwide, and many will allow you to send a box to someone who is residing in another country from you.  Thanks to the variety available, whether you’re sending a birthday gift to a teenage boy or a 40th wedding anniversary gift to your grandparents, you’re sure to find something they’ll love.

A Photo Book


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When you’re separated by an ocean, it can tough to keep in touch and stay up to speed on what the other person(s) is doing, which is why putting together a stylish photo book of all your best moments will make a great gift for a family member. This is a particularly good idea if you have young kids and you live far away from the rest of your family because they’ll love seeing lots of snaps of the kids and watching them grow up as they turn the pages.

Food Packages


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You have to be careful with this one because many countries have restrictions on what kinds of foods can and cannot enter their borders. However, if you do your homework in advance, sending a food hamper filled with foods your overseas loved one can only buy when they’re at home will undoubtedly make them very happy indeed!



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The great thing about books is that they are so easy to package up and send to just about any place on the planet. So, if you want to get a friend a little something for their birthday, start browsing the bookshelves for something that will pique their interest. Make the package more personal by hiding a postcard or letter for them to find, between the pages, or by adding a photo bookmark to remind them of you!

Gift Cards


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Again, gift cards are very easy to send overseas, and they can be accompanied by a greetings card, postcard or letter to make them a bit more personal. As long as you carefully choose a gift card that can be used in the giftee’s country and make it for a store they’ll like, you can’t really go wrong.

What are your best long-distance gift ideas?


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