If You Tell Me, I Can Fly ( Female Version) Book Review



Disclaimer: I Received this book for free in exchange for my review and honest opinion

What a  beautiful book ,With stunning illustrations and Sharon Thayer’s subtle metaphors and inspirational conclusion, If You Tell Me, I Can Fly! is the perfect gift for anyone starting a new phase in their life. From small steps to giant leaps, the dream within takes flight with one simple, yet powerful message “You can fly!” Who do you need to tell?  I wanted this book for my Nine year old Granddaughter, Shyenne. She has been through her Mother leaving her, my Son had to take care of her alone for several years. Then my Son married Shyenne’s Step-Mother which abused her and now she is away from her and with her Daddy ( My Son) . Shyenne has been through a lot in her Nine years and I want her to know, she can now fly. “Such a beautiful book to send inspiration during times when a loved one is standing on the brink of change, defeat or beginning school, college. Girls need to know that they can do anything they put their mind and heart in to.


I Can Fly Book is full of illustrations by Linda Nagy,  beautiful colors and a adventure from beginning to end. This book has been Honored with seven state, national, and international awards this book has inspired reviews such as, “Some stories give roots, some give wings – this story gives both.” and “If we could give everyone this message, what power they would have to become whatever they dream.” Age 8 – adult.  I Can Fly also comes in a Male Version. In the face of challenge throughout life’s journey, the possibilities are endless if you believe you can fly.  The message in this book let’s a special girl in your life know you believe in her. If You Tell Me, I Can Fly!  I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I have, it makes me feel like a young girl again and I know my Granddaughter , Shyenne is going to love this book.

Biography On Author of ” I Can Fly”, Sharon Thayer,

After her business came to a screeching halt following the 9/11 disaster, Sharon woke one morning and wrote a story about Santa’s beard. She had no goal or particular desire to be an author, it just happened.

She had continued to write through the years and now, after retiring from her child care business in Colorado, Sharon is beginning to publish her magical stories to share with children of all ages.

The Myth of Santa’s Beard, the first in a series of holiday picture books for children, has won both a state and national book award. Each of the stories in this series have underlying messages of ethics, values, and self-esteem. Forthcoming books are: Cupid’s Reminder, The Easter Bunny Gets the Flu, What the Scare Crow Knows and A Tooth Fairy Named Mort.

Her second book, If You Tell Me, I Can Fly! released in April 2014 is currently sporting four state, two national, and one international book award. It is the first in a series of inspirational picture books, for children age nine through adult, with heartfelt messages that inspire and motivate.

Sharon currently lives in Texas near her children and grandchildren.

” I Can Fly” book is published by Carousel Publishing







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