Gift Ideas for the Beer Lover in Your Life

Beer lovers come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of snobbery. And even if you can’t keep up with what beers are fashionable right now in the craft industry, buying the beer lover in your life a gift they will adore, should be as easy as ordering a pint of Pale Ale at your local tavern. Here, we have collated a list of gifts so good that any beer geek will see you as their very own, in-house Beer God.

Remember guys, enjoy these beer gifts responsibly! I know there are defense lawyers for any DWI case out there, but nobody wants to find themselves in a bad drink driving situation, do they?


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A beer making kit

If you are buying a gift for you man, nothing speaks true love more than giving the gift of home-brewed yeastiness. For the beer nerd who needs a hobby, or one who just loves creating his own concoctions, a beer making kit is a dream. There are many, many options out there to choose from, and whether he likes standard IPAs or unusual brews with pumpkin and chocolate, there’s a kit out there to satisfy any taste!

Tickets to a beer spa

Yep, they exist. No, I’m not joking. You can pay to spend time in a steaming, bubbling vat of beer while sipping on a big mug of the cool stuff all at the same time. There are many all over Eastern Europe, so this isn’t one of the cheaper options, but there is also one in Oregon too!

Subscription to beer a magazine

If you want to give your beer lover a gift that keeps on giving, opt for a subscription to a beer magazine. There are loads to choose from, including the Beer Advocate, All About Beer and Craft Beer and Brewing, just to name a few. This will keep them in the know of beer trends, new flavors, and tips on how to make their own as well.





Of course, there is nothing greater for a beer connoisseur to receive than beer itself. However, if you’re not into those hoppy flavors yourself, it can be hard to know what to choose. Opt for a subscription to the Beer of the Month Club, which has been running since 1994. There are other beer clubs around the country too, which offer a range of different options for your budget and taste.

Proper glassware

It’s likely that your beer lover is drinking their fancy brews out of an old glass they stole from the bar when he was in college. Invest in a nice set of glasses that can be pulled out on all occasions and you will be in the good books for years to come. You can get glassware engraved and personalized, or simply buy a collection of glasses which are suitable for each beer. One for an IPA, one for a Pale Ale, one for a stout, and so on.

Beer shampoo

It’s not just beer shampoo that you can purchase, but a whole host of beer bathroom products which will make showering a bit more fun for your fella. It’s not just a gimmick either and is good for both hair and body with loads of vitamins and essential oils packed in there. Who knew?

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