5 Cracking Gift Ideas For the Budding Chef in Your Life

You’re bound to have at least one person in your life that is a budding chef or a bit of a foodie. They know all the best places to eat, as well as the techniques in the kitchen that could give someone on Masterchef a run for their money. So what do you get those people when their birthday or another special occasion comes around? Here are a few gift ideas that your foodie friend is bound to love!



Silicone Utensils

As any budding chef will know, a metal spatula on a metal pan is a no-go. So every wannabe chef needs to have some silicone utensils in their kitchen drawer. A spatula, whisk or spoon are all good ideas. The great thing is that they come in a variety of colors and styles, so there is bound to be one that will work for them. They are pretty inexpensive but work well if you get a bundle of them, or if you make them part of a gift set, along with a mug or another kitchen gadget.

Knife Set

If you have ever used a blunt knife, then it is easy to see why many people say that a cook is only as good as their knives. So a good quality knife set, like the likes of Kamikoto, are always a good idea. Knife sets can be on the more expensive side, so it might need to be saved for a special occasion, or just look out for them to be on a deal. Any budding chef would appreciate this as a gift, though. So it might be worth splashing out for someone special.

Cast Iron Cookware

All of the fancy non-stick pans are very well. But a chef that is worth their salt (pun intended) will appreciate the majesty that something like a cast iron skillet would have. They are just so much better for everything. From baking biscuits to bacon, they’ll all be better with a cast iron skillet. They cook better and can be served up in it too. So life in the kitchen is definitely better with a cast iron skillet.

Kitchen-Aid Mixer

A freestanding mixer is one of those things that you wonder how you ever lived without. When you don’t have one, you just get on with it. But when you get one, you realize how much of a help it is in the kitchen. This might be suited for a friend that loves to bake, as well as cook, as it is great for batters, icing, and cake mixes. But it works well for chef friends too as you’ll be able to make ice-cream, pasta, dough, and the smoothest mashed potatoes that you’ve ever had.


This is quite a small gift, so great for an add-on item or a stocking stuffer. But it is one of those gifts that your friend might not have even realized was missing from their life. A zester, a peeler, and a grater; what more do you need?


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