Sweets Gift Box full of goodies

Disclaimer: I was given product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Surprise Your loved one with a Sweets gift box full of goodies Or get it for your self! Fix that sweet tooth you got with yummy sweets that are sure to please your sweet cravings. Select Monthly or you can try a one time box. You will be wanting it monthly if you love sweets and after you try these awesome treats! The ones we got to try were awesome. Yummy. I shared with my sister, she shared some pieces with her co-workers. Now they are asking where and how much and if they can get more and more of Sweets Gift Box Caramels I got to try!! This is a box your loved ones friends and co-workers would love to receive on their special days and moments. Good thing about Sweets Gift Box is you can re-order your favorite sweets you love! Or try something new every month. They also have boxes with themes. Wouldn’t it be fun to guess what theme and sweets you will get if you ordered a box each month?

From company site

From company site

Their team of sweet lovers, carefully research for artisan, gourmet and the most delicious treats they can find. They taste test each product before ordering, not only because they LOVE sweets, but because they will only deliver the best to you. They find products you have never heard of, thought of or been close to tasting. Taste the world of sweets through SweetsGiftBox. (from their website)

  • Ships monthly
  • Get a one time box
  • Swap subscriptions
  • No Contracts- pause or cancel anytime
  • Free shipping!
  • One low price of $25
  • Rewards program
  • Earn 1200 rewards points
  • Give your friends 50% off their first GiftBox. You get $10 + 2x rewardpoints.
As they said

From company website

I got to try their Love at first Bite Sweets box! It was all delicious. At first I was nervous to try something new but I tried it and shared it and loved it. Everyone else loved it as well. This box included:

Funky chunky chocolate/caramel covered pretzels,  DSCN1553

Mayana chocolate fix bar,  DSCN1551

Nutty brownie, DSCN1547






Classic Vanilla bean which I call caramel bites, DSCN1548

Caramel milk chocolate Bar my favorite of all. DSCN1549





They were all delicious. The nutty brownie You can definitely taste coffee in it. It’s great though. Soft texture. The Caramel milk Chocolate was my favorite. It’s soft melt in your hand chocolate, love the caramel. Just delicious. The classic vanilla bean I call caramel bites are really good. I shared with my sister, she shared it with her coworkers as well and they all wanted more. The Chocolate/caramel covered Pretzel bites were really good. The salt from pretzels and chocolate together are delicious and my son loved them, so much. I also love the Mayana chocolate fix bar. I didn’t have a clue what I was gonna see when I opened this bar and broke a bite off, But it’s just as good as the caramel bar. The Fix car is like a cookie and caramel to me. It’s yummy! You should really give Sweetsgiftbox a try! You will be pleased with every bite you get! I enjoyed testing and sharing this box. Be sure to check out their Rewards program below.

They also have a rewards program. Details below from their site:

rewards from site


Give your friends 50% off their 1st GiftBox. You get  $10 + 2x rewardpoints.



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This is great. You get sweets and rewards! Can’t get better than that. Check out their website for more information or to purchase if you wish too. Also follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on goodies, contests and more. Use code SweetStuff and receive 50% off a new subscription or 40% on a one time purchase of SweetsGiftBox.


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