Snack Smarter With Olives

When you are getting a craving for a salty snack, you can either go for the bag of chips the kids left behind, or reach for a different option,  Gaea’s snack pack of olives.  They come in a variety of olives, like Kalamatta, Green, and Black, but also with different flavorings.  The chili and black pepper is my absolute favorite!

Gaea has them packaged and ready to go.  While eating olives like a snack might not be everyone’s idea of a good snack, you cagaea_organic_olives_65g-green-usa_09-03-16n also use these for garnishes and salads.  Sometimes when you open a huge can of olives, a lot of them go to waste, but not with the snack packs!  Also you don’t have to worry about cross contamination at the grocery salad bar, and you know exactly what is in the products.  Gaea works very hard to keep their olives tasting delicious without  becoming a frankenfood.

Gaea olives come from organically grown trees, handpicked, and marinated in Gaea’s own olive oils.  Preservative free, low sodium, and packaged with little to no liquid.  So you can take them anywhere!  While the packaging can be a little difficult to master, it isn’t likely you are going to be putting the bag down once you start.    I got to enjoy the pitted green olives, and I was hooked.  I now watch my local grocer for all the different flavors.  And as the only one in the house that likes olives, I never have to worry about my snacks being stolen.  Of course there are worse things my kids could be stealing to eat when I am not looking!

Gaea is a company with a strong vision.  They take social and enviromental responsibly very seriously.  In fact they are a Carbon Neutral company!  Yet another reason to try their line of products.  So consider them next time you are needing a quick snack, or a garnish for guests.  You will not be disappointed with their olive products.

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