Prepper’s Guide To Tying Knots Book Review


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When It comes to survival, tying the right knot can mean the difference between life and death. Just ask our Firefighter, National Guard, and Military personnel how rope work saves lives everyday. Introducing Prepper’s Guide to Knots,  this book is a step by step guide packed with 100 practical, easy to remember knots for critical and everyday situations. The goal of this book is to ensure that we are prepared to tie knots when the need arises , When you need a knot for a specific purpose, there is nothing quite like being able to tie it. Simple tying the right knot at the right time affords you the feeling of accomplishment and confidence, over and above the practical use of the knot.


When catastrophe strikes and modern technologies fail, rope work skills will become as essential for survival as they were for centuries past. The variety of knots taught in this book are guaranteed to hold against even the toughest forces, ensuring that an emergency doesn’t turn into a disaster. When your life, home, and property are hanging by a thread, these powerful knots are too strong to break: Here are a few, below,

•Create sturdy shelter with a HARNESS BEND
•Preserve sacks of grain with a BAG KNOT
•Move fallen trees with a BOWLINE
•Transport injured persons with a MUNTER HITCH
•Secure your home against intruders with a ZEPPELIN BEND
•Hang rations above floodwater with a SCAFFOLD KNOT

The wide variety of knots taught in this book are guaranteed to hold against even the toughest forces, ensuring that an emergency doesn’t result in loss of life or property. With over 300 photos illustrating step-by-step tying techniques, this book provides easy instructions on tying powerful knots that can be used for any purpose from moving heavy logs to creating sturdy shelters. You will also learn how to select and maintain the right type of rope, the history and benefits of each knot, and how to quickly identify and untie over 100 unique knots. This comprehensive guide covers every type of rope work from bends, hitches, and bindings to loops, plaits and slings. My Husband has already used 3 of these knots just while working in our yard and they have been very useful and he couldn’t have done his work without these knots.

This book can be purchased from Ulysses Press , Amazon and Barnes & Noble, You can buy it in Paperback or Kindle version. The paperback version is   7- 1/2 x 9 -1/4. This books Author is Scott Finazzo,  Scott has been a Firefighter for nearly 20 years and is currently serving as a Lieutenant for the Overland Park, Kansas Fire Department. He has been an instructor for Firefighting tactics, confined space rescue, first aid, CPR, Community Emergency Response Teams, and other emergency training. Scott also has been writing in various capacities for much of his life, contributing to blogs, magazines, and books. Read more about his work at


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    I couldn’t agree more to what you said in this post. I think preparedness is an essential skill everyone must have because it will actually help you predict things and even prevent worse things to happen. I love this post keep this up!

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