Have a fancy cocktail without expanding your waist line

RSVP Skinnies are the first of their kind.  They are 100% natural, calorie free, drink mix to give you the freedom to enjoy a cocktail without worrying about the calories.

All you need to do is add one packet to Vodka and Soda and you have a delicious Cosmopolitan!  They use Stevia and erythritol (a sweetener extracted from melons) to perfect the taste of their little powdery delights.  You don’t have to worry about the heavy sweeteners used in so many bar drinks.  And they are discreet enough that you can use them when you are out with the girls but want something a little tastier than club soda.  And even better, no artificial colors are added!

skinniesThe available flavors are: NY Cosmo, London Gimlet, Baja Margarita, and Maui Mai-Tai.  And the recipes on their website will help you make the perfect drink that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty.  My favorite was definitely the Maui Mai-Tai.  It was bright and fruity and definitely delicious.  I put the boxes out at a recent family get together, along with the fixings, and I was not surprised at all to find people trying them out.  There is no aspartame in them which is something that has been in so many recent articles about its long term safety.

You can buy the Skinnies from Amazon, or directly from the website.

Don’t let calorie counting get you down, check out RSVP Skinnies when you just can’t wait for a cocktail.  You won’t be sorry!  And you can even try them frozen, or go virgin and just use seltzer or club soda with no alcohol!  Each pre-measured packet ensures that you didn’t waste time at the gym.  And if you want a real treat, try them with flavored vodkas and rums… delicious!



Disclaimer: I received product in return for my honest review.  Words and pictures stated here are my own.

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