TastyKake for your Valentine

tastykakes1As a child, I found Valentine’s Day to be so much more fulfilling than as an adult. Maybe it is the sweet innocence, no standards to weight against. Just an in school party, little cards to give and receive, and of course the treats. When my kids bring their school lunches, I always try to sneak a little treat in there among the healthy foods. TastyKake has a line of holiday treats that are perfect for a sweet treat. As an adult, I sometimes find snack cakes to be too cloying, too sweet. Kids are a different story, but TastyKake has come out with a fantastic new line of ‘minis.’ These miniature versions of their popular cakes are perfect when you want just a little bit of sweet without as much of the guilt. The mini chocolate cupcakes taste just as good as their larger counterparts, but I don’t feel bad when I sneak a three pack from the snack cabinet. And another blessing, I don’t find half a cupcake ground into the carpet when my daughter doesn’t finish a big one. Yeah… kids. Gotta love them!



Also new this season are the Valentine ‘Sweetie Kakes’ which are TastyKake’s signature cupcakes topped with red frosting atastykakes2nd sprinkles.  My kids just loved them.  So much I never even got to eat one!  These were the standard size cupcake and filled with the signature cream.


The Mini’s line also include blueberry cruffins.  These are small blueberry muffins with coffee cake topping.  Yeah I may have hid the box from the kids.  They were not too sweet, but oh so delicious with a morning cup of tea.  And the three little muffins in a package was a perfect little indulgence.   The box that disappeared with my husband was TastyKake’s signature Peanut Butter KandyKake.  Picture a peanut butter cup in cake form and there you go.  A delicious, well I assume since my husband devoured them all, peanut butter filled cake robed in chocolate.  A bite sized piece of heaven for my peanut butter loving family.

Consider TastyKake for those Valentine’s Day treats.  They also make great valentines in and of themselves to give out to classmates.



Disclaimer: I received TaskyKake snack cakes for free in return for my honest review.  The words stated here are my own.

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