Sunshine in the middle of Winter!

That is what Halos always make me feel when I see them.  And now is the time for the best citrus of the year!  Halos mandarins are the perfect snack for the health concious, as well as to let the kids snack to their hearts content.  And right now they are in the prime for sweetness.  Sure in this day and age you can get pretty much whatever you are craving any time of the year, but quality will suffer.   I tend to eat things in season, so right now our house is full with these delicious little bundles of juice.

All mandarins are not the same, some have a very leathery skin, a lot of pith (that bitter white membrane in your citrus), seeds, or dried out segments.  I have never had a Halo that wasn’t perfectly sweet and oh so easy to peel.  My kids simply love peeling them, so much they get frustrated at regular oranges.  And what I really like is that they are 100% California grown and Non-GMO Project Certified.   Halos are in season from November to April, so you definitely want to pick them up before they are gone.

Something I just recently learned is that the place where Halos are born… is Eco-Friendly.  Meaning they use up to 30% of their energy generation with green energy including solar panels installed on their roof, they use naturally produced compounds to help with pest management, and they are investing in water stewardship to help use less water!  They come in 2ct packages, 3lb bags, 5lb bags, and 5lb boxes.  And no matter how many pounds I buy at the time, they never seem to last very long.

Since I have partnered up with Halos brand, I have an exciting giveaway to announce!   One lucky reader will receive a prize pack from Wonderful Brand Halos!  This pack includes a branded canister, a segmented bowl, a magnetic calendar, a bunch of great ideas to use your Halos, and a handful of money saving coupons!  I know my kids loved making Halos Snowmen, and then devouring them in record time.  If the kids leave me any, I am planning on trying to make some mandarin sugar scrub.

I am excited to announce a second giveaway!  This Halo Brand prize pack includes a Branded Canister, an activity book for ideas on how to use those delicious little Halos, an adorable plush Halo (my daughter named her Angel), and money saving coupons!

So enter the giveaway and join in on the sweet fun!

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I received product in return for my honest review.  The pictures and words stated in this post are my own.



  1. Laurajj says

    Oh for sure the mandarins! I love how easy they are to peel…even our little one can peel them. He loves to take them for school lunch or snack!

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