It’s Adventure Time

Photo Courtesy of Cartoon Network

Photo Courtesy of Cartoon Network

Grab your friends! And children, because Cartoon Network’s original duo Jake the Dog and Finn

the Human are out on a brand new mini series adventure.

For those readers who are not familiar with Adventure Time, It is a cartoon set in a fantasy world where humans are endangered and all sorts of interesting creatures

abound in Kingdom of Ooo.  It is a cartoon series that has spawned games, toys, clothing lines, and plenty of following among both adults and children.

There are villains as well, and plenty of comic relief. Sometimes the episodes are a bit psychedelic, but they really capture the imagination. And for the adults, there are many jokes and references that the kids won’t get to keep parents from falling asleep in boredom. Adventure Time is one of those cartoons that my whole family sits down to watch together, so when I was given the opportunity to review Islands, I was thrilled.

Photo Courtesy of CartoonNetwork

Photo Courtesy of Cartoon Network

Turns out, humans like Finn are not as rare as everyone in the Candy Kingdom thinks. A mysterious ship starts Finn, Jake, BMO, and Susan on an adventure to learn

what happened to them, the humans that is. If you ever wanted to know Finn’s backstory, this is the series to watch. You can own the DVD with all of the episodes now, or you can watch it on the Cartoon Network app. I don’t want to spoil it, but if you enjoy Adventure Time, the mini series Islands is not to be missed!



Disclaimer: I received the DVD of Islands to review in return for my honest review.  The words stated here are my own.

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