Winter flavors from Tasty Kake

Winter, it is the time of year for sweet treats, family, cups of hot beverages, and family get together.  It seems like this time of year I am always getting drop ins from friends and family and to be completely honest, I am a horrible baker!  Luckily Tasty Kake has me covered!  Their winter lineup is full of decadent sweets.  From Gingerbread flavored mini donuts, to ooey and gooey maple rolls, you can be ready for any sweet tooth craving.

tastykakeThe kids were all over the donuts, and they come in three delectable flavors.  Gingerbread which was the kids favorite, Salted Caramel, and Red Velvet!  Moist and sweet, they went perfect with my morning tea.  I even sent some into school with my kids for their Holiday parties, and for once they didn’t bring home leftovers.  I think my husband downed the entire bag of Red Velvet in one sitting, after we all got a taste of course!

Now I have never been a huge fan of Tasty Kake’s Candy Kakes, mainly because I find them too sweet for my tastes.  However the Winter Edition in Gingerbread was spot on.  Absolutely decadent and just the right amount of sweet to compliment the spicy notes of Gingerbread.  I may have hid this box for my own private consumption… Holiday Stress and all!

Now the crowning glory ere the Frosted Maple Rolls.  Now my son adores cinnamon rolls, and well as I said before I am not much of a baker.  He saw these and immediately wanted one.  While it was hard to separate one roll from the 6 in the box, sooo much gooey icing, when he bit into it the look of pure rapture on his face had me smiling.  Even my daughter, who is not a fan of cinnamon, liked these maple rolls.  Too sweet for my tastes, but I was glad every last one was gobbled up.

They are limited edition so make sure you get to your local store and pick some up, you will be glad you did!


I received these products in return for my honest review.  The words and pictures expressed here are my own.

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