Decorative Pumpkins; Great for the Autumn season

Disclaimer: I was sent free samples to review for an honest review and opinion.

I was sent some beautiful decorative pumpkins to review. They add a great Autumn look and feel to my home. They are so pretty and I love them.



You Can get the instructions on how to make these pumpkin decorations on A.C. Moore website if you wish to learn to make them and or see how their made. They are absolutely stunning in my home for this Autumn weather and time. The website giving some great details on their projects. Check them out for ton’s of ideas for your home. These three pumpkins pictures feel like fabric and the other orange one pictured feels like hard Styrofoam maybe. They are pretty and made very well.  I will probably leave them out for decor the rest of the year or even longer. LoL. They are very nice. Love the glitter on the one bigger fabric made pumpkin too. Again Check out their website for more info on these and more arts and crafts.

See photo below to download the A.C. Moore arts and crafts new mobile app to get the latest on reward program, stores, events and coupons.


Follow their Facebook and Twitter for up to date information on stores, giveaways, (They have a giveaway going on now), craft ideas and more.

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