Mead and Five Star back to school products + Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received Mead and Five Star products for free for a review and my honest opinion.

I received several school supply products from Mead and Five star to review. I want to just say I love Five star and Mead products. I am Happy I got to review them.

School is almost near for most states. What better time than now to review these school supply products?? Right? They are so cool looking!



Mead and Five Star are featuring some new Five Star products this school year. The Five Star® Expandable Backpack and the Five Star Flex® Hybrid NoteBinder® I also received Five Star® Reinforced filler Paper and a few other pretty cool spiral notebooks and folder.

The Five Star expandable Backpack is so cool. Has so many cool features we all desire in a backpack for our children. Who dislikes buying a backpack and having it fall apart in the middle of the school year? I know I dislike it. The Five Star expandable backpack is very durable and heavy duty to me. It fits laptops up to 17 inchs in the nice padded compartment. It also features 3 external cord ports to fit your ear bud cords into. Also has padded front pockets to protect and carry cell phones, Ipads or tablets and such tech items. The bottom has an expandable area to unzip to give inside more carrying space for books and binders and more. This is also water resistant so walking home in the rain won’t mess this bag up!! Don’t forget the water bottle for walk home! This awesome backpack has a bottle holder too. The straps on this Five Star backpack are made to withstand the weight of all your children’s school supplies and made to last throughout the whole entire school year without needing to buy a new backpack!

I love the 1 inch Five Star Flex Hybrid Notebinder!! Who Loves saving space in their arms, desk or backpacks? I love saving space. This Notebinder does just that to me. Acts like a notebook but works like a binder. It’s built to last long, The rings won’t break guaranteed. It includes 5 pocket dividers and 80 sheets of paper including graph paper. The dividers are made to also be covers for a paper and some have pockets. The cover folds flat like a notebook. Very lightweight to me and you can add more dividers or paper as needed to you. No more carry tons of notebooks and paper and dividers. (200 sheet capacity). That’s how I view this.

Five star reinforced line paper is great for that Flex Notebinder mentioned above or any binder. This paper is double the strength of other lined paper.  It has more durable triangle holes and is stronger to hold in them binders. No more paper breaking when moving around in a binder to search for a certain paper you wrote?

All these products are great products to buy for the upcoming school year! You will not have to keep buying backpacks, paper unless they run out lol and notebinders unless they need more of course. I have included links to the products above in the wording of this. You can check the products and more out for yourself and decide after reading this review and then. Don’t want to buy them right now? Well Five star and Mead have giving you the chance to win some products!! Don’t forget to check out their Social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter for more info and more!!

Enter below to win Five star 2016 back-to-school editorial content.

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  1. James Robert says

    I have bought things like paper, composition books and some pencils and pens but being a single dad raising my 5 kids, I have much more to get

  2. Gina M says

    I have done a tiny bit of BTS shopping.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  3. amanda whitley says

    i have not started shopping yet but kids here dont go back till Sept so i dont feel too far behind yet.

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