Pink Zebra

Disclaimer: I recieved free product in exchange for my fair honest review!





First, let me tell you a little about The product pictured above! It smells absolutely amazing! This is one of their sprinkles which comes in so many amazing scents for you to choose from! So anyone in your life would love to recieve one of the jars of sprinkles from the mom who loves fruit smells to the aunt who loves coffee smells! I recieved the toasted marshmallow which melted so good it made my mouth water! It made me want to go out and buy marshmallows to roast! If you live your house to smell like sweets I highly suggest this one! Like I said they have so many scents to choose from so there really is something for everyone!




The next product I recieved which is pictured above is one of pink zebras beautiful simmering lights. The simmering lights pair with the sprinkles. What you do is pour the amo of sprinkles you want to in the top and they melt down as the simmering light heats up. You plug it in and the light bulb inside heats up the dish with the sprinkles inside. You can put as little or as many sprinkles as you wish. I can promise you a little definitely goes a long way! There are so many gorgeous simmering lights to choose from, something for every style to fit any room! This is definitely a gift any mother, aunt, cousin, grandmother or any of the amazing ladies in your life would love to recieve this Mother’s Day! So do yourself a favor and check them out! I personally promise you that you will not be disappointed! So check them out at the link below, buy yourself, someone in your life or why not both of you something from Thai amazing company! I love my simmering light and the amazingly delicious smelling sprinkles and so does everyone who comes to my house to visit!

Thank you so much Jessica with pink zebra I am so happy I had the chance to work with you on this amazing collaboration! You can check the amazing products out at her link below!

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