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ButterFeet Foot Skin Exfoliator

The brand new hands-free, battery-powered and water-resistant, ButterFeet Shower Foot Spa eliminates the need for hand tools and awkward or dangerous scrubbing in the shower. The exclusive, diamond-textured dome sloughs off dead skin, and your shower washes it down the drain—no unsightly residue to clean up.

Extend the life of your pedicure or eliminate the cost of pedicures with a ButterFeet Shower Foot Spa.

ButterFeet Shower Foot Exfoliator Features

  • Hands-free!
  • Water-resistent
  • Powerful, High Speed Motor
  • Runs on AA Batteries*
  • Dual smoothing surfaces for bottom and sides of feet

Simply touch each foot to the rotating device without the straining or bending required of a handheld tool. The exfoliator’s upper surface has an abrasive diamond texture to break down hard calluses and dead skin on the soles.

The spinning edge has a finer grit like a pumice stone for gently treating the sides of the foot. The device has a water-resistent construction and non-slip base for use in the shower or out. The power button is easily operated with a toe.

Requires eight AA batteries. 6″ diameter x 2 3/4″ high. Weighs 1 1/4 lbs.

Dead Foot Skin Washes Down the Drain!

More effective than dry skin devices at smoothing tough to remove calluses. Two different surfaces for bottom and sides of feet, easy to clean, non-slip base, durable, quality construction.

i love this product it makes your feet feel so soft when you are done using this amazing product! I know for me i always wear flip flops or dare I say it I walk outside barefoot! I know this is a no no because it can can mess your feet up! With this amazing product you can make your feel smooth as butter! Pardon the pun! I highly suggest this amazing product for everyone!!

thank you so much butter feet for this amazing  opportunity! Check them out at their website which I have listed below!



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