Nonni’s turtle pecan biscotti

Disclaimer: I recieved free product in exchange for my fair honest review!




I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with Nonni’s. Nonni’s biscotti are made with real wholesome ingredient. They are baked by real bakers. Made with real eggs, sugar and butter. Baked twice for a light, crunchy texture that’s deliciously sweet and satisfying. I had the opportunity to try their turtle pecan biscotti, this amazingly delicious treat is made with pecans, caramel and milk chocolate. The great thing about this amazing product is that they come 8 to a box and they are individually wrapped.


They are absolutely delicious and I love the fact that they are not hard like some brands of biscotti are. They are chaulk full of amazing ingredients. They have so many flavors and I can guarantee they are all amazing! They make a great companion to your morning coffee or even just an afternoon snack! I can promise everyone will love these amazing Nonni’s biscotti! Check them out at:

also on their social media sites which I listed below:


Check them out and buy a box or two for yourself and your family and friends! Thank you so much Nonni’s Biscotti for this amazing opportunity!

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