ZOINX Clips-O-Matic Polarized Sunglasses Review




Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free for a review and my honest opinion



First let me say these sunglasses are the nicest pair of glasses I have seen and they are made with a clip integrated into the temples, how many of us have lost our sunglasses because they kept falling off, well with these Zoinx Sunglasses  you will never lose them again,  each pair of these sunglasses also include their zipper pouch and a sport strap designed for all of our lifestyles, the zippered pouch can be clipped into the sport strap or worn on your wrist. The pouch is perfect place to carry your keys, money and it also has a seal water resistant Emergency Info Card in the case, it also has a flotation insert that keeps your sunglasses afloat if you take them into the water and you can also keep your Zoinx Sunglasses in the pouch.




Sunglasses are much more than protection for your eyes. They become part of what makes you unique. Zoinx Polarized sunglasses feature a patented clip integrated into the temples. This clip not only allows you to keep better track of your shades, it allows you to easily accessorize your sunglasses for whatever activity you have on your plate. Zoinx sunglasses were designed to be more than just the shades you’ll never lose, they were specifically created with the active person in mind. I am very excited that I got to try these new kind of sunglasses, now I will always know where they are, you will be so happy with your new Sunglasses and I promise you will never own another pair, I highly recommend the Zoinx Sunglasses. You can purchase them on their¬† website and on Amazon so get get you a pair of these cool sunglasses.







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