Prepping for the Super Bowl with the Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum is a Must!

Everyone knows that Super Bowl 50 is coming up and there is going to be lot’s of prepping food and snacks to get ready for the Super Bowl. Well I am here to say that the Shark Rocket Powerhead will help you with picking up the prepping mess.


Shark Rocket Powerhead is a must for Super Bowl 50 party prepping.

Stock photo (not my photo)

Stock photo (not my photo)

I got to review the Shark Rocket Powerhead and it is awesome. The best vacuum I have ever seen or come across. I finally found my number one vacuum for hard floors, and rugs such as area rugs and regular rugs and hard floors. This vacuum has two different heads that you can switch for the floor types. One for hard floors and one for all types like carpet. The brush for hard floors is so soft it won’t leave a scratch. I used it and I have 3 different types of hard floor in my home. I also have different level rugs in my home. I Love this vacuum. It picks up the dust you don’t even see that you live with. It picks up your messes that your traditional vacuum misses.

(my image)

(my image)

I tried both my vacuums on the same mess and the Shark Rocket Powerhead picked it all up in one push over. While my traditional vacuum missed some. Whats cool about the Shark Rocket Powerhead is it has adjustable height levels for shorter people and for easy storage. This vacuum is so cool is gets under the bed by laying flat back. Your traditional vacuum is not going to do that. I have never seen a vacuum that bends all the way down backwards to get under beds and hard to reach areas like under tables. The Shark Rocket Powerhead handle also turns in angles so you can move it around easily while vacuuming. It has a cool feature to use low suction or high suction according to what material rug/floor you’re vacuuming. I love that! This vacuum you don’t need to push to get it to move easily. Also has a LED light in front to see objects you don’t want to vacuum or to vacuum at night. I did that at night to test this too. It’s awesome.  It is bag-less and has a great dust cup and very easy to release dust cup with a tap on the release button/pad.


Sorry about the shakiness of the video.

I wouldn’t trade this vacuum for anything. It definitely does the job! The only con about this is there is no hose. You can use your traditional vacuum to get corners and edges if you have too. This is definitely a vacuum that you will need for the super bowl food prepping part of your life. After one use of this baby, you will be so happy and never change vacuums again! I know I won’t.

The Shark Rocket Powerhead also only weighs 9lbs but only weighs 1 lbs in your hand while vacuuming. Very lightweight and small enough for storage. This vacuum is also affordable starting at $169. You can purchase it from Shark Clean or Check this list of places you can buy it from. For more information on the Shark Rocket Powerhead or other products SharkClean carries please Visit their website and Social media links such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You don’t want to miss any updates or information about Shark Products.


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