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About the Company and box: MyEduCrate is a monthly subscription box filled with educational themed items for parents to help inspire, engage and entertain children 8-12 yrs old. Each Box will include various items to the theme of that box including informational papers, learning challenges, hands on learning materials to do the assignment for that month. It’s a very good educational box. These boxes are put together by three partners that have spent years and years designing lessons and activities and are all certified and have degrees. Not every box is the same. They theme them and are sent monthly. Good thing is you can subscribe monthly, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 months. Shipping is free and you save more by doing more months together. It’s a great thing to do.

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I was happy to review the MyEduCrate box because I homeschool one of my children and love doing educational things with my kids anyhow. I reviewed their January box – “The Path to EnLIGHTenment”.


The extra business cards and pieces in box are not included in boxes.

We had to build a circuit board. We had fun trying to make it, although I couldn’t get it to power. But we will keep trying. What I loved about this box was It gives you the materials, and the instructions. I thought it was fun to write questions and answers, then match them and using that guide to attach wires and make the circuit board. It teaches multiple things, Not just one thing. I love educational and fun items and love doing them all. It helps me learn alone with helping my kids learn. We received all the materials needed and also a little gift which was a brain eraser and pencil. Love the eraser. I will definitely keep trying to power our circuit board because we wanna know which way to put the wires to get it powered. Very great way to start your childs’ mind in a new direction of life. My kids love building and putting things together. They also love trying to build robots from materials and new things like this science. We also got to try some mine teasers to help trigger the mind to think. Mind teasers are little wire/metal puzzle pieces.  I loved the book we got which is called. “Who was Thomas Alva Edison?”. Have you ever read this book? Do you know who he is? This box is super fun and very educational and a great gift to a parent that loves teaching and doing new things with their children.

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Did you know our bodies can power a human light bulb? We got to learn that and try that out using static charge our body generates. You know how you sometimes get shocked when on a rug or by a child’s play slide at the play ground? That’s static shock and can charge enough to power a little light bulb by holding the metal. Don’t try this. I was just giving you some enlightenment of how fun it is to learn from this Myeducrate box.

If you wish to learn more about this and or subscribe to their monthly box. Visit MyEduCrate. Stay up to date and in contact on Facebook, and Twitter for more information about each monthly box and more about MyEduCrate.

I enjoyed reviewing this box and look forward to seeing more soon. :)

I received a MyEduCrate Subscription box to review in exchange for this review. All words and photos are my own.



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