Hain-Celestial Imagine Soup Review



Disclaimer: I was sent these products for free and for my honest opinion


I was so surprised when I got two cases of this soup but I am very happy I did. I received the Tomato Basil Creamy Soup and the Chicken Broth which both are all Organic. I have eaten both of these soups and they are the best soups I have ever eaten, they have such a fresh taste and  you  can tell they are Organic because there is no better flavor than Organic foods. I have fixed my chicken & dumplings, baked chicken and other dishes using the Imagine Chicken Broth and let me say it makes all of my  dishes taste so much better and fresher , I have eaten the chicken broth alone also with crackers and it is delicious . The tomato soup has a rich flavor that no other soup can touch, I will not buy any other soups except Imagine Organic Soups I am a huge fan of these soups and would recommend them to you and when you try them you will never buy another brand, Trust Me !!




Every Imagine Creamy Soup starts with the finest farm-grown vegetables, harvested at the peak of freshness and expertly blended with select herbs and spices, this Imagine Tomato Basil has been transformed from  a traditional American favorite into a delicious creamy delight with a delicate hint of fragrant basil that is sure to please your palate. The Imagine Chicken Broth is prepared from organic free range chicken and organic vegetables, you can use it in soups, main dishes and sauces, you can even enhance some of your foods, like mashed potatoes, rice, pasta. You use this in place of water in vegetables, stuffing, grains. Hains-Celestial Imagine Soups have many different Broths, Creamy Soups, Chunky  Style Soups and Simmer Sauces and Gravies. If yo want to buy the best tasting Organic soups, you need to start purchasing the Imagine Brand , you will never go back to those other soups again, I highly recommend these to anyone that loves to have the best tasting recipes and soups.





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