Flavor your water with Stevia!

We hsweetleaf2ave all been hearing about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, but some folks feel like they don’t have a better option to get a good flavor in their drinks without the calories piling on. It is of course recommended we drink a lot of water daily, but that is not always easy!  I grew up with well water, so I have a hard time drinking city water now.  Well thanks to Water Drops from SweetLeaf - I can flavor my drinks (and oatmeal!) with great tasting flavorings that contain stevia, not aspartame.  Stevia is a plant derived sweetener that is really taking the world by storm.  I personally have been using stevia in my beverages as well as cooking for years now.  Even my family doesn’t always know when I sneak it in.  The trick however, is a little bit at a time.  This stuff will go a LONG way, and the first mistake many people use when they try to switch to stevia products, is they use too much.  Too much not only tastes horribly bitter, but it can turn you off from the product completely.

SweetLeaf simplifies the use to these handy BPA free plastic squeeze bottles.  One little squirt, and then you take a sip to see if the flavor has come to your liking.  Too much and trust me, you won’t be wanting to drink it.  Less is more when it comes to stevia!

Personally I found the Peachsweetleaf Mango to be my favorite flavor, in a tall glass of ice water it really made it fun to drink my glass of water.  Just a hint of fruity goodness without the syrupy sweet chemical additives in so many products these days.  My husband loved the chocolate drops in his coffee (I didn’t tell him it was stevia!) and the kids are always asking for a squirt of raspberry lemonade.

The Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant was discovered more than 1,500 years ago by the native Guarani people,  growing in clumps of two or three along the edges of the rainforests of Paraguay.  They used it to sweeten their tea as well as to freshen their breath.

Now it is becoming more mainstream, but SweetLeaf is one of the best brands out there!  I am sure they have a flavor you would love to try, and they are always updating their website with recipes that use stevia.  I personally use it daily in my tea, but I have also been known to sneak stevia into cookies as well as homemade jam!  Just remember the cardinal rule, less is more!


Disclaimer: I received bottles of SweetLeaf Waterdrops for free in return for my honest review.

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