The Even Thinner Wheat Thin Review



Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free for a review and my honest opinion



Let me first say that these little Wheat Thin are so good and I have eaten them by them self, with cheese and with my salads and they are really good with my soups. They are a great product if you are doing a Party tray for a birthday or any kind of gathering, you will have to have plenty of boxes of them because they will be eaten pretty quick. These Limited Edition Wheat Thins are Sleeker , 100 % Whole Grain, Thinner than ever before, Munchier you can’t just eat one and they come in a Box 8.5 oz.  My husband normally doesn’t like Wheat Thins but after he tried these he is hooked on them also and my Grandkids say these are their favorites too. If you want a  great thinner Wheat Thin you will not be disappointed when you buy these, the taste is super and you will have to grab a handful to enjoy them so go get you a box of Thinner Wheat Thins and let the taste buds ever flow with yummy flavors.




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