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pursonicIn the winter time – I always feel like I stop doing a lot of things for my personal grooming.  Since it is too cold to wear shorts or sandals, I just don’t seem to care.  However I suffer from intense dry skin, as well as badly callused feet.  So instead of going to the salon to repair my neglect, I came across this Pursonic Woman’s Groomer. 

First off, I have always been scared of using an epilator, I don’t do well with pain, and waxing always had me passing out.  Funny I know, but that is just me.  So I wanted to give this a try.  I do recommend following the instructions and really exfoliate your skin before trying this.  Dead skin will clog up this handy machine.

I won’t lie, it does hurt a bit, however it is NOTHING like waxing.  It is a prickly sensation.  I used the razor head to clean up the stragglers and then immediately applied my favorite lotion.  I was surprised about how smooth my legs were, and the results lasted!  This is definitely a product I will be using through the winter and probably even into the summer.

The battery life was fantastic.  After letting it charge a full 24 hours before use, it handled both my legs and then I started on my callused feet.  I will spare you all a picture of my feet, but lets just say when I do get a pedicure, it takes twice as long as regular clients.

The heads of this personal groomer are very easily swappable, and I put on the pumice callus grinder.  With no pain, it shaved all the dead skin and callused skin from my feet and left them completely smooth.  Even my husband was nice enough to point out that my feet no longer looked like talons.  Thanks hunny, love you too!  I once again immediately smoothed lotion on them and went to bed.  A week later my feet were still sandal ready!  Smoothing my feet has become a weekly routine, and I think my pedicurist will be pleased when she doesn’t have to spend 20 minutes doing what I am now doing weekly.

A handy carrying bag is also included to keep all the pieces safe as well as a small brush to clean the shaving heads of any accumulation.

Pursonic has been a company focused on developing products that enhance the health and well-being of their customers.  From oral health to beauty products, Pursonic focuses on quality products and their customer service is top notch.  In fact if you email Pursonic – – and let them know you saw this product on our blog then they will email you a code for $20 off!  (Until July 31st 2016)

Disclaimer: I received this product at a steep discount in return for my review.  The words and opinions expressed within are my own.

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