I See Me ” It’s Fancy To Be Me” Personalized Book Review



Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free for a review and my personal opinion


First off let me begin by saying the ” It’s Fancy To Be Me” book I received for my Granddaughter’s birthday next month, this is the cutest Personalized book I have ever had the honor of getting, it is full of magical trips, shops with bright pictures of the child’s name and picture on the pages , it has bright and vibrant colors and thick pages and a very well made cover for the book, the print letter’s are bold and are very easy to read . I wish every child could own one of these books,  Their little eyes would light up and shine to read this book or any of ” I See Me” books and it would be something they could keep for the rest of their lives.



Your little girl goes on a worldwide trip to see different countries, and she wears fancy clothes from each culture along the way. She dons a beret in Paris, an elegant opera gown in Milan, a powdered wig in Versailles, a fluffy fur hat in Russia, a sparkling gold crown in Egypt and much more your child learns that, although it’s fun to dress up and be fancy, the most fashionable thing in the whole story is to just be herself The book is personalized with her name on the cover and throughout  the text and illustrations, and the character is customized with your child’s hair color and skin tone. You can even upload her photo to be printed in the storybook and include a printed dedication from you to make it an extra-special gift.  It is for girls ages 2 to 8 years old, it is 9″x 11″ and is 20 pages.




I highly recommend this book and any of the “I See Me” Books they are a one of a kind book and something your child will cherish for a long time. So what are you waiting on go to their website ( which is posted below ) and start ordering your kids and grandkids these books, they are perfect for birthdays, Christmas  or for any occasion . Everyone enjoys feeling special and children are no exception to that, which explains why customized gifts are so popular with kids. There is no better feeling as a child than receiving something that you can call your own. It’s yours, and your name or picture proves it.










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