Green Toys Green Eats Divided Tray

I received a product from Green Toys for review purposes. All words expressed are my own.

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Green Toys Has a ton of toys but they also Have Green Eats kitchenware You can also Get for your children to use and eat at. I got the Green Eats Divided Tray. They come in 4 bright colors. I got blue. I loved it. I love that you can divide my child’s food so it doesn’t all mix because my one child doesn’t like his food mixed all together. This Green Toy Green Eats tray helps make his dinners happier. It has 4 sections for everything Your dinner requires. Kid’s love them. They are for all ages. Cost only $12.99 on the site. It is Eco-friendly, made of 100% recycled plastic milk containers which I found so cool and interesting. I would have never guessed that is what it was made of. Which is also a plus if you love being Eco-friendly.  This tray is made in the USA. No BPA, phthalates or PVC. It’s also super easy to clean. My child didn’t rinse his tray like he was supposed too, but I went back after I noticed and rinsed it real fast even when it was dry already and everything came rinsing right off. Nothing stuck to the tray. I loved that part of this. It’s a pretty nice size. and Is also dishwasher safe. Love that feature too. But you probable don’t even need to use dishwasher with it since is rinses and wipes clean very fast and easy. I will definitely invest in a few more for my other children. For more information and to purchase these lovely convenient trays Please click Here to go to their website to view and or purchase their other products or this one. They have a ton of great Items for kids.  Also click Here to find locations to buy from as well. I really enjoyed reviewing such a great Eco-Friendly product.

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