Classic French Perfume made Organically

Fine French Frangrances are well known to be overwhelmingly potent and often unethically made.  Well Acorelle has raised the bar with their offerings.  They use sustainably sourced products to produce their collection of frangrances, and they really attempt to respect both nature as well as people in their company.  I was lucky enough to review their ‘Balance’ gift set which comes with three .3oz bottles in three scents.  You may think 10ml is a small amount of perfume that you will go through in record time, but honestly the scent is so concentrated you will find a little dab will go a lot farther than a ‘traditional’ perfume.  The alcohol used as a base is made from organically grown wheat, floral water, and 100% naturally derived fragrances.  There are no synthetic materials, phthalates, or parabens in these delicate and feminine scents.  As an asthmatic, there is a limit to the types of perfumes that I can handle near me let alone on me.  All three of the perfumes I tried did not cause any reactions on skin or in my breathing.  A rare and delightful treat to be sure!

perfumeSilky Rose: Self Assurance. Top notes of Bulgarian rose and Egyptian geranium, combined with even fruitier facets such as raspberry.  This was by far my favorite of the three scents.  It was delicate and sweet, and not at all overly floral.   It definitely had the scent of roses without being so strong that you felt like you were part of a candle.

Absolu Tiare: Promotes Balance and peace of mind.  An exotic blend of orange, shiu, and ylang ylang.  The orange of this blend really shines through for me, it is an uplifting citrus that perks me up and helps me get back on tract.  Normally I am not a huge fan of ylang ylang, but with the combination I found it was a great addition.

Vanilla Blossom: Comforting.  This eau de parfum unleases the power of Peru balsam and vanilla, highlighted by notes of patchoili and almond.  Now this blend was absolutely delicious smelling.  It doesn’t have the overwhelmingly sweet, and fake, vanilla scent that the youth go for.  It is a lot more subtle, and grown up.  My husband claimed this was his favorite on me, so I think it will be a great addition to date night!

If you are looking for a gift, especially for Valentines day, or a hint to drop, consider Acorelle – they have many other sets and samplers to try from and I am sure you will find the perfect scent for you or your loved one.  No cheesy drug store knock offs here, just feminine scents that you can be proud to wear.  I know I am rocking Abolu Tiare today and looking forward to the next date night!

Disclaimer: I received product for free in return for my honest and unbiased review.  The words written here are my own.

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