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I received product to review. All words expressed are my own.

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I received a 2 meal Blue Apron Box. I have a family of 4 plus, So the box I got was only one full meal. But It was the best meal we have ever had at home. The Blue Apron Box was packed with everything you need to make your meals. It had super fresh farm veggies and fruits, Meats and Other ingredients needed to make the full meal, even seasoning. The packaging is sent with Ice packs in a insulated cooler bag in a box. It was so cool to see. I loved receiving all the ingredients to make my family dinner. They pack the ingredients in zip lock sealed bags for great freshness. You will also receive recipes cards for your meals you get. I loved that and the recipes are step by step and very easy and detailed. It’s so cool. I have never had a meal sent to my home and be so fresh at that. You won’t be sorry going with this Home delivery service. Everything is fresh and from farms and packaged very well.

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Blue Apron food to me was very delicious. I enjoyed cooking it all. Loved all the ingredients. It taste very fresh and good. Only thing I would like to see is more seasoning for flavor. Overall this is a great service with great products. You won’t be sorry ordering from them. This home delivery would make a great gift to your brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt, uncle or friend or anyone. It’s great. If you always wanted to try a Home delivery for your meals then you found the right place which is Blue Apron.

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Blue Apron has a couple different plan options to go with. These will depend on you and your family size. They have 2 person meals, serves 2. 3 meals per week at approx $9.99 a meal for a weekly total of $59.94. They also have the Family plan and you have two options with that plan. Family plans are usually for a family of 4. You can either do 2 meals a week for $8.74 per meal for weekly total of $69.92 or 4 meal a week for $8.74 a meal for a weekly total of $139.84. These are both great plans and all will have fresh ingredients for your meals.

Blue Apron also accommodates a variety of dietary preferences – e.x. vegetarians, fish or if you don’t eat red meat or whatever else you don’t like to eat. You personalize your Box each week to what you like and want. All of their boxes are assembled in the same processing facility, so they don’t recommend ordering if you have a serious food allergies to some of their items.

You can order weekly, skip weeks if you wish, cancel at anytime and shipping is always free. If you’re not home the day your home delivery pack comes, It will still be fresh when you get home with their insulated coolers with ton of ice packs to keep it fresh. Blue Apron also has a Wine home delivery too. Great for pairing wine with your meals. Check it out Here.

There is a ton I could say about Blue Apron but That would make this super long. So I will leave links for you to view even more info off their websites and social media such as Facebook and Twitter so you can also stay in contact with them to see what meals are this week or that week or deals and more.

If you would like your very own box, here is your chance. “The first 50 readers get two free meals with their first Blue Apron Box using this code – redeem here“.

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