Batiste Dry Shampoo Review



Disclaimer: I was sent these products for free for a review and my honest  opinion


When I received the Batiste Dry Shampoo , honestly I was kind of skeptical about this product but I have used it several times and so has my husband and it really works, it takes grease and oil from you hair, it gives it body and takes out that dullness from your hair. I am in love with this product, I used it after I did my exercises, you know how your hair feels after you workout but the Batiste made my hair look and smell clean. Batiste  is the perfect product to use between washes,  you just spray a quick burst into your hair roots massage it into your hair and brush and be on your way. I think this is the coolest product I have seen for your hair.  I will tell you another secret ,  I used this on my little dog for those in between washes and it works on her too ,  I just  didn’t use as much but it makes her coat look cleaner and smells wonderful, her favorite is the ” Sassy & Daring ” lol,  . You have seven  fragrance’s to choose from, they also have three colors to choose from Light Blonde, Medium & Brunette and Dark & Deep Brown.  Daily hair styling can cause your hair to become weak, brittle and tired looking and Batiste has created the perfect Dry Hair Shampoo that really works on your hair. Batiste has several kinds of products for you hair so go to their website and check them out, your hair will thank you !

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