A Vodka for your Sweetheart!

bottle-cherryI admit, I am a fan of flavored vodkas, I like the way the flavors play on my palate.  However I am not a huge fan of cherry flavored anything.  Probably from too many doses of codeine cough syrup as a kid.  However the makers at Zodiac have come up with a fantastic Black Cherry flavored vodka that isn’t syrupy sweet and cloying.  In fact the vodka itself is quite delicious, I might have to swing by the liquor store and pick up a bottle of the regular.

Of course I love that it is American Made and sourced, meaning everything to make these fantastic spirits is made right here.  They locally source the potatoes, and keep their operations in the heart of potato country, Idaho.

I couldn’t drink too much of this vodka on the rocks, due to the aforementioned aversion to cherry, but let me tell you, mixed in a drink this stuff is dangerous!  And dangerous in the meaning that it tastes so good I am finding myself having ‘just one more’.  There are so many mixing combinations, both from their website here, as well as from other bartenders who have come up with some fantastic results.

For a nice easy drink, pouring a shot into a glass of Coke is easy, and really pops the cherry flavor.  My husband loved the Cherry Mudslide, and I think I may have to serve up some Black Cherry 75′s this weekend for my guests. I thought I would share the recipe with you, since it would be a great Valentines Day cocktail!

Black Cherry 75

  • 1.5oz Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka
  • 1oz DeKuyper Raspberry Liquor
  • .5oz Simple Syrup
  • 1 Orange Wedge, squeeze and discard
  • Shake and Strain into Tulip Glass
  • 4oz Top with Prosecco and Garnish with a twist of lemon

Zodiac is a single distilled vodka which really leaves it tasting sweet, and not as biting as some vodka’s out there.  I do not recommend mixing it into something ‘heavy’ like a bloody mary, since you would lose the delicate characteristics that make this vodka shine.  Just remember to drink responsibly, since Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka is so delicious you may find yourself having another!

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Disclaimer: I received a bottle of Zodiac Black Cherry Vodka for free in return for my honest review.  The words expressed here are my own.

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