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Do you love T-shirts? Do you have a loved one that loves T-shirts? Family, friends, boys, girls, young, old and everyone in between will find a T-shirt that they love at The Mountain. There is a T-shirt for everyone on your gift list!

They have Animals ( just about the whole zoo) Space, Fantasy, Big Faces, Dinosaurs, and Fantasy, just to name a few categories. Have someone that prefers something other than T-shirts, The Mountain carries Hoodies, Tank tops, Mini dresses and Nightshirts, as well.

The Mountain’s T-shirts are  superior quality shirts. The T-shirts did not shrink when washed and dried. I just love the colors of the T-shirts. Here are some that I received:


This is my mom wearing the kojo-western-lowland-gorilla-t-shirt. She only wanted one monkey in the photo. She has a great sense of humor.

12489920_10153383632360975_69467323_o              12405296_10153351581060975_1958111056_o

These T-shirts are my son’s favorite. The T-shirts pictured are Skull-dragon and  Grumpenezer Scrooge. He wears them all the time.

photo 3 (1)

My niece, Dezi, is so happy because she loves her new T-shirt. She is wearing Awesome Unicorn Kids t-shirt.

photo 3 (2)

This is my husband, Sylvain, wearing  Krakitten t-shirt. I think Jack (the real cat) is slightly concerned about the krakitten getting him next.

Here are some facts and tidbits about The Mountain:

“-For over two decades, The Mountain® has been a bold player in the t-shirt game. From the iconic Three Wolf Moon® to the newest collection of Big Face™ Tees.
-We are based out of Southern New Hampshire, with a Green Philosophy, and a passion for producing wearable art that appeals to every person in your life.
-Our incredibly life-like designs project the personality of the wearer, and assist to Amp their Aura. (We use the hashtag #AmpYourAura on our socials)
-All of our products are mottled dyed, in house, making each item unique.
-We also do all of the screen printing ourselves.
-We’ve been Oeko-Tex 100 Certified (the highest certification worldwide) which guarantees our shirts are free of chemicals harmful to your body.
-Our Dye Oxidation System (DOS), has been on line since January 3, 2011. It purifies our manufacturing process waste water by removing color and additives without the addition of chemical. Because this process does not rely on the use of chemical it does not create dead water that has been stripped of its’ oxygen. Rather, it does the opposite in that the final product is enriched with oxygen which works harmoniously with the micro-organisms that are used in our local city water treatment facility.
-We have in house artists, but we also work with outside artists, and those artists receive royalties on every shirt sold.”

You can find The Mountain:

Twitter: MountainArtwear
Instagram: MountainArtwear


Disclaimer* I received this product for free in exchange for my fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

And now for the great part, For all of our readers, who want to order from The Mountain, here is a discount code:


The code will give you 15%  off your total purchase until April 30th, 2016

and a giveaway for a T-shirt, winner’s choice. Your e-mail address will be forwarded to The Mountain for prize fulfillment.

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    I like the flowery peace sign and Roots of Peace one and actually a lot of the peace shirts, as well as many others!

  2. Cynthia Mercado says

    I love the Fall Kitty T shirt. There are so many beautiful shirts. There is something for everyone!

  3. Jennifer W says

    I was going to go with the Moon Face women’s shirt, but then I realized: this is the company that makes THE Three Wolf Moon shirt of internet fame. Any shirt with its own Wikipedia entry deserves some attention!

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