Subscription Box for the Foodie in your life

So subscription boxes are all the rage these days.  You can get things from grass feHatchery-Logo-Wordmark-Transparentd beef cuts, to clothing, and even boxes for your pets.  Well The Hatchery Box is a fantastic collection of small batch made products.  Each has a story, and each are something you won’t find when you are mindlessly walking down the aisle of your supermarket.

The Hatchery brings together tastes from makers all over the country, with a unique blend of everything to step up your culinary experiments IMAG0220up a notch.  I was lucky enough to receive a Tasting box with some fantastic offerings.  A fantastic salad dressing made by Balsamo’s family kitchen; a Spice Blend (called Nomad) by Savour This Kitchen; A ginger Gershwin shot from American Juice Company (it made a GREAT cocktail); Some red pepper jam from Jammy Yummy (put pepper jam over some cream cheese for an instant appetizer!); and Chai Caramel Sauce from Dulce Infused Caramels.  It was really a taste adventure that brought us from cocktails and appetizers all the way to dessert!  Each box has products from small companies, mom and pop shops that really take their crafts seriously.

Included in this great box, is a recipe guide as well as snapshots of each company featured.  And for $20 a month (shipping included!) you can delight the foodie in your family over and over!

Worried about breakage?  Each offering in the box is individually wrapped before being nestled in a bed of shock absorbing paper.  So go ahead, open up a box, try new things, and remember good things can come in small packages!

Disclaimer: I received one Hatchery Box in return for my honest review.  The words expressed here are my own.



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