Amazon Fire Tablet

Disclaimer* I received this product for free in exchange for my fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

When beginning to look for a tablet computer, there are so many choices, it can be overwhelming.  I have found a tablet, that is awesome and very affordable, as well.

The Amazon Fire!     Only $49.99

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*7″ display



*Quad Core

*Free unlimited Cloud storage

*Front and rear cameras

*Easy to use

*Great for families


This tablet is super easy to use. When you are setting up the tablet, it walks you through every step with a tutorial.  Even if you know nothing about tablet computers, you can set this tablet up with ease. You are able to create an Amazon household. The tablet can have two adult users and up to three children. Each user can have different settings, that you set in the beginning.the parental controls are easy to use. You can manage content and on-line time limits. I have mine set to let me know any time a game is downloaded. My husband asked to borrow my tablet, I said sure. Two minutes later, I received an email letting me know about the game he had downloaded. I loved busting him on that one. After that we set him up with his own account.

I linked the tablet with my Amazon account and I have received many credits for just downloading free games. There are tons of free games and apps. If playing games on-line is not your thing, there is a huge selection of movies, songs, and books for your enjoyment.

The Amazon Fire has a great camera, as well! You can take regular pictures and selfies with the front and back camera.


This is an awesome picture of my cat, Cloudy. Isn’t he so cute? I took this picture with the Amazon Fire.

There are so many great features to this tablet. Check it out for yourself at:









  1. Melissa Manjoney says

    The look on your cat’s face is priceless! Kindle Fires are seriously the most affordable quality tablet out there. Just remember to get a case to protect it!

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