Gold Rush…..what will we find?

Disclaimer* I received this product for free in exchange for my fair and honest review. Opinions expressed are my own.


Have you ever watched Gold Rush on Discovery Channel? Do you wish you could pan for gold? Well, now you can at home with your own panning kit from Gold Rush.


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My niece and I used the kits to pan for gold. Each set contains dirt that is from active gold mines. Each bag has been hand salted with gold to guarantee that everyone will find some gold. There is an one in 250 chance to find $100 in real gold nuggets per half pound of pay dirt.

We opened the kits and they contained, dirt, a pan, tweezers, vial for the gold, and instructions.

We started by watching a five minute video on the website done by one of the cast members of Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel. He shows step by step instructions on how to pan for gold. The instructions seemed easy to follow.

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We filled a large tub with five inches of water. After pouring the dirt into the pan, we were ready to go.

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We sloshed the water in the dirt and slowly washed away the sand and rocks to find our gold.

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We repeated this step many times! Then finally, we found some……….

photo (10)

……some gold flakes! (the bright speck in the black sand right under the steps was the first flake that we found.) We picked out the flake with the tweezers and put the flake into the vial. We continued panning until there was nothing left but the black sand. When we were finished we found eight flakes of gold.

photo (9)

My niece, Dezi, said it best: “we aren’t gonna get rich but it sure is fun!”

There are many different sized kits and dirt of the month clubs. Once you own a kit, you can just purchase more dirt and different accessories.If you are looking for a fun family activity or a gift for someone who has it all, Gold Rush gold panning kits are a great idea.

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    This looks like so much fun! My daughters would definitely love this as a gift for Christmas. They are always digging for something and finding just a little bit of gold would be an exciting adventure for them!

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