Go Dog Pet Toys with Chew Guard Technology


Disclosure: We were sent free products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

A little while ago we were sent some toys for my pets. I have a four year old Pit that loves to destroy every toy she gets and a four month old Schweenie pup that loves to chew on everything. That’s why I thought being able to test out these pet toys with chew guard technology was perfect!

About Chew Guard Technology: 

Chew guard technology is a manufacturing process that adds a super tough, durable liner to your pets’ soft plush toys. Seams are double stitched and reinforced plus the lining is specially engineered to withstand tough play.


Our little pup loves his new toy and plays with it every time we have play time together. I was very impressed with how well his held up since he has unraveled and punctured the majority of the toys we have previously bought him. This toy has held up to the test of time even with every day play. It’s just the right size for him and such a cute toy I see him playing with for a long while.

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Unfortunately, my older pooch’s toy did not last as long. She loved her toy so much, she somehow tore the eyeball and lining out of it in less than a week of play. She really did enjoy playing with this toy, however, her Pit jaws were just a little too powerful.

Overall, Go Dog pet toys were a huge hit with both dogs. They were the perfect size and added many hours of play time without them getting bored. For more information about Go Dog, visit here.


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